Monday, January 26, 2009

Retail therapy

OK so we didn't get to the BIG ticket stuff I thought we would but hey we did some serious retail therapy ;)

So I spent all last night dragging, dropping, sorting, deleting and saving thousands of photos. Honestly it's such a relief it have this little lump of piece of mind. It's something we've been meaning to do for AGES and now I have a whole terrabyte to play with! Yay!

Also got the Amos Lee CD I was after and some Sophie Ellis-Bextor for $9.98 each! Rad.

And of course... frappicino...
Hahahha how do you know when a problem becomes a real problem ;)

CAN'T stop listening to this song!!!
Getting the CD asap... (update - just grabbed it on the way home... I'm so in love).

I figured I deserved it after today... three words... Back... To... School...

Good lord it just SO full on the week before school!

I am off to redo my scrap room... I know I know... I said I was going to share when I moved to the new room but I just haven't been happy with it... I will share (fingerss crosed) after this next major sort out.


Trace said...

Good buying on the music my friend!

Anonymous said...

Love the new layout chica!

KurtNZ said...

Yeah im loving the new layout too.
How much do you charge?

Michele said...

opps sory

Neen said...

Hahaah Michele I knew it was you!