Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lunch Time Quickee

Madly scrapping with my last kit from Scrapbook Essentials :(

Also BIG RED ALERT... there is only a couple of days left on the Thriller Music In Me challenge! As much as I'd extend I am REALLY excited about the next song so I want to get it rocked out ASAP... so head over and get it scrapped!!! I have ZERO entries so far so I NEED SOMEONE to win!!!!

Also the Kiwi Jack Me Up is on... and its a faboo one... Andrea Senn rocks!

Thanks for the good lucks for the Fiskars demo... it went well - the store was a little quiet but that sort of suited me as my time one!

OK back to work I go!!!


Hannah said...

Oh Neen, I really wanted to do this challenge but I have been working my butt off on my DT entry ... :-(
I'm also now working 50h/week so my time is skint!

I do hope some people have time to enter!

Glad to hear your Fiskars demo went well. It's nice to have a smaller crowd to ease you in, next time you can have a bigger one, huh?

Shell said...

I really wanted to do this challenge Neen but I just couldn't come up with anything for the song :( So pleased that Fiskars went well for you!!!

Mrs Frizz said...

Look forward to seeing your creativity in the gallery [as usual] ...