Friday, February 5, 2010


OK so next weekend it's THAT day...
you know the one you love to love,
or just can't stand.

Me, I love any excuse to celebrate anything... and I love love.

See for me Valentines Day shouldn't be about the cards, the chocolates (what am I saying I love chocolates) or the flowers. It should be about setting aside a little time to have cuddle, watch a soppy dvd or a picnic somewhere pretty. It doesn't have to come with a groan or a $100 price tag.

Anyway I'm going to scrap a little tomorrow... and I wanted to invite you to join me in a little challenge.

Scrap your love story. How did you meet your SO? How did you go from that's that guy, and this is me, to this is us. Link me up before the big day and I might pop a lil something something in the post for someone..

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