Thursday, June 12, 2008

A catch up in bullet points

  • It is cold - I love it... I am SO a winter person but also SO need to invest in some new winter woolies.

  • The knitting thing - It's mean to be a scarf. It's going ok, but is covered in what I call "button holes" and somehow I went from 40 stitches to 50...? Hmm. But it's about 50cm long now... if only I had a smaller neck.

  • The Feildays are in town this weekend. Shout out to all the farmers. I'd go but I'd don't really need an udder sprayer and Mike's a townie. Still want some gummies though... but like pink ones ;)

  • Round 2 of So You Think You Can Scrap and I am so so stoked... it's been a challenge but it's going well so far. Next challenge is up tomorrow! This is my layout from this Kelly inspired round...

  • Crop Waikato is well and truely FULL... we're filling the room with 27 scrappers! Wowsers.

  • Went to the travel agent AGAIN today... it's gonna hurt this trip... mega money... but hey - what is life but to be lived. I've got my mitts on an Italian phrasebook... "Un Gelato per favore"... yip as long as a girl can ask for icecream all will be ok.


Anonymous said...

Now thats a very cool layout. Go you.

Wow you are going to Italy - very very envious here.

Good luck with the rest of the scarf.

Trace said...

What, can't believe you don't need a new udder sprayer or some redband gumboots! And doesn't Mike know, townies day is on Saturday, he could fit right in LOL. All the best with the SBD competion. See you at the crop...maybe I could make my nametag with Gertrude or something equally exotic on it LOL!

Anonymous said...

Loved your layout! And go you out in front there.
Italy you say? Got a spare suitcase I can hang out in?

Anonymous said...

I went out with an Italian guy for quite a while, he was a chef so I ate really really well lol. Im so so so jealous ;O)
Awesome layout! and Im sure you would find the perfectly creative use for an udder sprayer lol

Mrs Frizz said...

That layout absolutely R O C K S buddy ... awesome!!!!!

Go on ... go and buy yourself a pair of pink gumboots ... you know you want to ... wanna see pics when you do!!!

Anonymous said...

Love your layout Neen, keep up the great work. You lucky lucky girl, off to Italy. Can I hide in your suitcase, PLEASE!! LOL! :)

Monique said...

Yes I loved your layout.
Yes I love Italy...fond memories of walking the Cinque Terre...
Yes I love your music choices...thanks for current little find is Angus and Julia Stone...Babyon, Just a Boy and Wasted are all good...check em out on You Tube or their website here
oh and YES I wish I was going to Crop Waikato...sigh..maybe next time!!

Monique said...

whoops that should read Babylon

cool little vid for it here