Saturday, December 30, 2006


So one good thing about my work is getting the old magazines. Yes, the covers are gone and yes, they are last months issue, but I love it!

And the part I love the best is ripping them apart and sticking different things in my book.

I have a book I started not long ago. Call it an inspiration journal, call it a scrapbook. It might be a colour combination, a design layout, the way a photo was taken... anything.

It goes hand in hand with my New Years resolution.
Last year was to read more, this year - to grow my craft.

To find inspiration anywhere
To acknowledge that I am creative
To be proud of myself and what I create

Happy New Year to you all. Bring on 2007 and all the adventures, moments and hope it holds for us all...



Janine said...

love your inspiration journal and your inspiration to grow your craft....very cool!!

Julie said...

I love your resolution Neen - how beautiful!