Friday, December 4, 2009

Melty crayons

I'm sure a lot of you have seen this one around the world wide web. I'd seen it and was itching to try it as a 'homemade' gift. I actually gave these ones to a friends little boy for his birthday but they will make a great pressie for any lil ones.

First things first, a lesson learnt the hard way....
I used Artworx plastic crayons... $3.99 a pack of 12, x2... plus $2.50 for my pad.

Now, I didn't actually get a photo of them melting away but honestly it's this easy:

Break up your crayons into a non stick muffin tray. The more you put into each cup the bigger the crayons will be.

I mixed my colours up so when they're using them the can get some funky mixed colours coming out but you could keep them one colour if you like.

I put the oven on 180 and just keep a constant eye on them. It only took about 3-5minutes for them to go nice and runny. Pull them out and set aside for them to cool. If there's any poking outty bits you want to flatten just push it down with a skewer or a cold knife.

As they cooled they shrunk just a little pulling away from the sides of the tin so when they were cool they just fell out. Use a knife to round off any edges that aren't quiet right and...Then I tried getting clever. I lined a tray with tin foil, sat some cookie cutters on it and filled those puppies up...

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Anonymous said...

i remember doing that as a kiddo with my grandpa... the only thing is they stunk so bad *lol* love the idea tho, i hadn't thought to use different cutters for shapes ;)