Friday, July 11, 2008

A REAL blog update...

Because lately I've been so uninspired to really write anything... but there has been stuff happening so I need to get it down right ;)

So I am pretty much working every weekend until mid August in a bid to get as much holiday spending cash as I can. Tomorrow it will be exactly 2 months.... everyone says it'll go really fast but honestly right now it just feels like its dragging... argh.

Work wise I am FULL ON at the moment. You see my day job position is Stationery Buyer and my 'big thing' every year is Back to School! Yip that's right... so right now I am filling all of our orders for thousands and thousands of exercise book, pencils, erasers, compasses, pecil cases, school bags, duraseal, pens, felts, paint, brushes... the list is massive... and it's all got to be done in about a week so I've been taking the MP3 player to work so I can head down bum up on it.

Outside work we've been to see Hancock... like the last Will Smith movie I saw, first half good, second half... errr... ok.

Last sunday we took the Pontiac to a car meet... it was the Cadillac Club but they invited us to their 4th of July meet. (spot her in the background...)

My friend Hayley who first introduced me to scrapbooking had a little girl 3 weeks prem (they went home yesterday).

On a sad note my poppas partner passed in her sleep last sunday morning so yesterday I went to her funeral in my old stomping ground of Huntly... I tell you as long as you are away from somewhere it just doesn't change. So many memories at that church. Crazy.

OK so now I am late again...


Debbie said...

Neen yay only just over 2 weeks now until the Crop - can't wait!

Also my little company is happy to donate some product as well! If you can please email me on and I will fill you in on what I can donate!

Trace said...

Doesn't it suck that you have to work so hard to get a holiday - hope you can rest up on the flight over, sounds like you'll need it. And boy, those cars ROCK!

Mrs Frizz said...

Looks as though a little car polish was the order of the day.

Head down and butt up girl ... two months is going to fly by!

Anonymous said...

i'm glad you're staying busy and really, the time will go quickly. we're excited and can't wait to pick you up from the airport.

i'm sorry to hear about the funeral. those are always hard :(

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so in love with those cars!!
Hmmm yep could say the 2 months will fly but last holiday I had it took ages to get here and the blinking holiday was over in a heartbeat - lol - seriously Im just jealous :o)

Paula... said...

The time will fly - once it's here you'll wonder where your preparation time went LOL. The trouble is that the holidays flies even faster :(

So sorry to hear of your pop's partner passing - funerals are always hard.

Don't work yourself too hard - you need some down time too!!

Kathy Martin Studio said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog a bit ago.

How did you like "Hancock"? I thought that it was cute. =)