Saturday, February 2, 2008

Me & Lisa, we're like this*

*insert crossed fingers*
Tight... hee hee.

So uber rad thing happened today...

Was getting ready to head out to my dadas 60th birthday when I get a text from my friend Lindi in Utah... I call her and she is WIGGIN OUT!

She is at an ice hockey game (Utah vs. Alaska - I find that funny, not really sure why) and has bumped into Lisa Bearnson - the founder of the worlds best scrapping magazine, Creating Keepsakes. She says she talked to her and got a photo and Lisa asked her to email her some layouts etc etc...

...and next thing I know she is running back to Lisa and passing her the phone!
So there I am talking away to Lisa Bearnson. Wow. Now non scrappers will SO not get it but it's so crazy and wicked if you really think about it.

So this is my matey Lindi with Lisa... lucky tart ;)

So rad.

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