Saturday, September 22, 2007

N E E N and P I F

Shell tagged me on the last post so here is my posting based on my name - cheating because Janenne is too long! Hee hee!

N - New stuff... Mike and I did a bit of a shopping spree today. Got a weed wacker and a hedge trimmer... so grown up and man of the house-ish!

E - Evenings... not going too smoothly lately - my mans been a sicky and not sleepin well... translating to me not really sleeping either.

E - Eddie - just being watching some of my favourite Friends episodes... The One Where Eddie Won't Leave... classic... love it.

N - New layouts... I am working on them - for Scrapbook Essentials and Kiwi Jack me Up.

I just posted Paula Clarks layout and a pize on The Music In Me so be sure to head there next.

I am also following on from being 'paid forward' by Rochelle. I have to grab a couple of little things to send out to 3 people so give me a shout out and I'll draw some names.

OKee dokey, back to the floor to finish these layouts! Nighty night!

PS: Here's Eddie... cause you have to share the laughter ;)


Janine said...

was racking my brains as to who eddie was until I saw his face and then it all came back. Classic. oh that shopping is very grown up.

Paula (poncho) said...

LOL at the shopping spree - we seriously need to do some gardening, although David did plumb in a water tank at the back of his garage yesterday :) No it's not for watering the garden - it's for washing his dirt bikes LOL We're on such severe water restrictions that you're not allowed to wash cars or anything with town water.

Hmmm never did watch Friends - actually I don't think I ever saw an episode at all (oops did I just say that in the present company!!)

Julie said...

Oh what a hoot!!! still laffing... :o)

wow big boys toys huh? leo weedwhacked everything in sight when he got his!!! Have fun lol

kiwimich said...

LOL!!! I loved Friends - loved the episode with Brad Pitt and also the one with Ross and Rachel singing the 'big butt' song to baby Emma! I was pregnant at the time and was from then on sold on the name Emma - I ended up having a boy but my next baby was a girl - hence I now have an Emma - LOL!!!!


Shell said...

LOL had to laugh at that episode... definitely the room mate from hell!